Aldi Miniroos Kick-Off Program


The Aldi Miniroos Kick- Off Program promotes football-based exercise and activity for younger children who are not able to be registered to play in age-specific matches.

The program is of a relatively short duration – around 8-10 weeks – and is not a “technical coaching” program, but a tempered introduction to the sport of football. The very basics of the game are introduced and experienced by the participants through different drills, practices and games.

The soccer ball itself is the main tool and this is utilised as much as possible. Elite players are not the ultimate outcome but rather the focus is on development of the individual participant’s gross motor skills in ball control, jumping, turning, balance, agility, movement and general co-ordination.

The program enhances the opportunities for young children to receive quality, consistent coaching.  In acquiring basic skills free of competition, participating children will not only learn correct technique but will likely develop a love of the “world game”.

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